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Likolani Tackett began her hula training in the 1970's. She was encouraged to learn the Hawaiian language by her kumu hula at an early stage in her training. From 2004–2008, Likolani was involved in creating Hawaiian education & activity books, which were written in English and Hawaiian. She subsequently completed the Niuolahiki Distance Learning program and is currently teaching at her local community college and writing short stories for beginning students.
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Mike Tackett is a freelance illustrator, web designer, animator, and cartoonist. He started his professional career as a software developer (having earned a Masters in Computer Science) but always had a yen for drawing. The graphics side took over completely and though Mike still spends time on the computer, it is mostly for the purpose of creating digital art. Island flavor has permeated his drawings since he was introduced to Hawai‘i and its culture & history 30 years ago – as you can see, it's left a lasting impression...